Thursday, October 7, 2010

Monster Mash

At ROTC today we had Monster Mash. Basically, we learned the basics of navigation, battlefield medial assistance, formations, and advancing using cover fire. I'm assuming it's called Monster Mash because we all had to paint our faces for it. My Flight went with the Joker.

Afterward we had competition PT. This consisted of low and high crawl races, ranger pushups (which I competed in), group situps, and fireman's carry race.

Low Crawl
Low crawl is basically when you need slowly advance to avoid being seen. You are to keep your head down an all times. To tell where you are going, before you move you are to feel in front of you. Both feet need to be sideways and completely flat on the ground. While crawling, you should not move your legs very high to avoid causing your hips/butt from sticking up in the air.

High Crawl
High crawl is a faster crawl. You are still trying to stay low to avoid getting shot, however this crawl is useful when taking fire and you need to remain as much out of the line of fire as possible.

Ranger Pushup
The Ranger pushup is a 4 person pushup. The 4 people performing the pushup basically make a square. Person 1 lays down and places their feet on Person 2's back. Person 2 is laying perpendicular to Person 1. The rest of the people follow this pattern until they are in a square and all have their feet on someone's back and someone's feet is on their back. My Flight did 25 in one minute.

Team Situp
5 people lay next to each other with feet and arms interlocked. In one minute my Flight did 53 team situps.

Fireman's Carry
The fireman's carry is used for carrying anyone who is injured. The way you do this is you grab their same side  arm with yours at the wrist (their left/right arm with your left/right arm). With your other arm you go between their legs at around their knee and bend over and place them on your shoulders. The same way firemen do it hence the name. Unfortunately, since it was a race people were rushing and one group of people fell and somebody got injured. It was most likely just shock of the fall, but they might have gotten a concussion due to landing on their head.


  1. Interesting, as usual. Awaiting your next post eagerly!

  2. ahh the joys of group PT *shudders*

  3. that sounds rough man. good luck

  4. I couldn't do most of those things. Jesus am I out of shape...

  5. my friend also did these some time ago

  6. Wow, your flight sounds pretty BA!

  7. Wow, that sounds pretty intense.

  8. I wish I coulda joined.....fuckin asthma.